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Hot News
posted by Art Parnell on 1/23/2003 11:53:51 AM

In addition to Cope's ongoing tour dates, Citizen Cope joins Carlos Santana in February! Come on out and enjoy the music(see gig list at right)!

In the Studio...
Citizen Cope will be going back into the studio this Spring. Video is available online of Cope and Santana mixing down "Sideways" in the studio. Definitely worth a look at http://www.santana.com/shaman/sideways.html

NOW in Stores...
The new Carlos Santana release, "Shaman" is now available. Among collaborations with other artists, the album features Cope and his song "Sideways" with Santana adding his own flavor to round out the mood. Check it out...in stores now!
As of Tuesday, January 29th, the new album is available in stores! You can go by your favorite retail outlet and pick up a CD or you can order online at CD-Now!

On the Street...
Join the Street Team! If you're a fanatic of music and the Internet, then be a part of Cope's online army and join his digital street team. Enjoy the company of other Cope fans, with privileged access to insider info, exclusive contests and promotions, up-to-date info on tour dates and special appearances, free stuff (like show tickets and autographed posters), and more.

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About Citizen Cope
The music of Citizen Cope is a unique blend of downhome grooves and uptown blues. Drawing upon his history as a DJ, singer, songwriter, and producer, Clarence Greenwood (A.K.A. Citizen Cope) puts his heart and soul into his music. With musical talents across the spectrum, and top-notch contributing musicians, it doesn't matter what the venue...be it acoustic, electric, live or studio, Cope's music is sure to please.

One of the greatest talents to come out of the Washington DC music scene in recent years, Cope is now hard at work mixing down and touring for the September 2001 release through DreamWorks Records. A long time coming, this album features a smoother, refined style that envelopes you...making you, the listener, a part of each and every song.
Latest Dates
posted by Art Parnell on 5/23/2003 02:58:10 PM

06/18 - South Paw
Brooklyn, NY

06/19 - Tin Angel
Sells out quickly...7:30PM & 10:00PM show times
Philadelphia, PA

06/21 - National Capital Barbecue Battle
w/ many others
Washington, DC

08/05 - T.B.D.
Chicago, IL

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